September promises…..

I know I’m the odd one out on this – but the late-summer always gets me down a little bit. The blowsiness of gardens spun out and seeding, the malaise of all new projects put off “until the fall”. I feel like a late-summer wasp banging back and forth against the windows, and August is so cruel as to refuse to lift the window-sash and let me out.

But then Labour Day finally comes and it seems that life lurches into motion again – the hum of neighbourhood kids getting ready for the start of school, the return of a regular rhythm in the office, the potential for newprojectsnewfriendsnewideas echoing back to our childhood selves racing off to see who showed up on the first day and who didn’t. So much promise!

And my autumn offerings are plentiful indeed: grad school (begins tomorrow), camping at porteau cove this weekend, a friend’s fortieth hosted at our house, our first-year wedding anniversary, a trip to NYC in October. All welcome after a bit of a meh summer on the coast. So while I’m glad the summer sun seems to be sticking around a bit longer, I am so thankful that the start of my new psychological season is finally here!

One Comment on “September promises…..

  1. Have fun on your first day of Grad school. If you think the end of summer is a bit glum, try the autumn years of life – one always has to find reasons to keep going amidst the brain turmoil and aches and pains. Your fall sounds very nice!

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