A summer get-away.

Despite the weather, we are heading out on our first summer family get-away this week. Lincoln City, Oregon here we come!

(By way of explanation – my parents rent a condo in Lincoln City for a month every year because they love the Oregon Coast and this year they rented a house and invited us to come down for a week.)

We have decided that instead of driving the 10 hours (most of it on the I-5 in traffic) we are going to Amtrak to Portland and then rent a car to drive out to the coast. This makes for the same length of travel time – 10 hours, but I only have to drive for two of them. Which makes for less travel stress; I am looking forward to the journey as much as the arrival for a change.

Because we have an impending journey, I have focused the last few days of sewing on an overnight bag that I have had on the project pile since February. An Amy Butler bag pattern (Cosmo) made from Amy Butler Fabrics – I can truly say this is the nicest bag I have made for myself. Two outside pockets, four inside pockets – this will be my computer/book/craft bag for the upcoming trip. It really does have enough room for a weekender – which means I can now get rid of my overnight bag with the shredded lining.

Funny thing about this project – when I bought the fabric for it in February I was completely daunted and unsure about my ability to succeed. Just a few months later I’ve learned that any pattern can be followed with enough patience. This bag took about seven hours to construct – most of that time in the cutting and interfacing stage – and I’m pretty sure I could cut that time down by an hour now that I’ve done it once.

So satisfying to start out on a journey with a brand-new bag 🙂

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