In the garden mid-June.

Just a brief post this morning to herald the return of more garden-friendly weather! In the last two weeks things have really picked up around here and the veggie beds are finally getting it together despite the slow start in the spring. Right now:

  • Everything that I planted early – oriental greens, radish, turnips – has bolted. This is the hazard of early planting in a cold year – particularly when temperatures go from cold to really warm overnight. This weekend I will be pulling out the failed greens and replanting.
  • My tomato and tomatillo plants are now in the ground.
  • My pole, bush and runner beans have germinated nicely.
  • My summer squashes are also peeking out of the soil.
  • All other seed is taking quickly at the moment – I’ve got beets, spinach, carrots and fennel all coming up in fits. My peas are really behind this year. It’s june and barely a flower!
  • Gooseberries are present on the gooseberry bush, blueberries appear to be taking shape, and the raspberries are doing something.

I’m putting a lot more seeds in this weekend – both at home and my community plot. Oh – and starting my brussels sprout starts to go in for July – it really is that time already! Hopefully we get a long summer into fall!

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