Interlude before travel.

I spent my morning updating union memberships, contacting people and fowarding on cards to be signed and returned in my absence. It’s the kind of thing I do before going on holidays – tidy-up tasks – getting myself set-up for moving ahead on my return. I was a horrible insomniac last night as well – so simple busy tasks are a lot easier for me today than anything which requires a lot of concentration.

At the moment I’m blocking out the office sounds with some John Zorn (Book of Angels Volume 10, Lucifer) which is some sort of dreamy klezmer-inspired jazz. It’s been awhile since I’ve turned to anything out of this Zorn masterwork, but when it happens I am as intrigued as pleased. It’s incredible stuff really, and even seventeen volumes later I can’t say that there is one album that reminds me of any other except in that they tie together similar klezmer/jazz/prog-rock themes, scales and harmonies.

Apparently there are five more releases into this series expected by the end of 2012, bringing the Masada Book Two series to a total of twenty-two volumes. Zorn is nothing if not prolific: he wrote a hundred songs a month at the start of this project which features his compositions performed by a variety of incredible performers. When I first wrote about this series way back in 2007, I had no idea any composer could sustain across this many albums – and I am really very happy to discover that it’s not over yet.

I have much to be done before I leave Thursday, and no energy within me to do it. Be done. Be done I say.


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