Girl with a new dress on.

So here it is – the dress with many mishaps:

Made with Burda Pattern #7659 and $20 worth of fabric (quilting cotton) – this is my first ever attempt at making a dress for myself. After making it in the wrong size (too big by a long shot) I took in the side seams by an inch on each and had to put darts in the back to stop it from bunching up.

On this project I learned the following things:

  • Pleats – how to make them and that they add a lot of extra volume on the front.
  • Putting in a zipper – and the fact that it is possible to put a sewing machine needle through your finger when the zipper foot is attached.
  • Darts – not best hastily done after trying a dress on ten times in a night.

In any case, this is not the most flattering cut to me, but the dress did turn out pretty damned adorable and I’m looking forward to it as a house/yard dress for the summer. I am also totally thrilled to have made a dress that involved so many different elements (yoke, interfacing, pleats, zipper, darts) and had it basically come out right. That’s pretty cool and I am looking forward to making my next dress which will happen soon (I’ve got fabric for a couple of skirts that will likely get made next).

Here is the back view:

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