My Pandora Park plot

I have a new summer dress to show off but no photos of it yet so instead it is pictures of my community garden plot which I finally got down to working on Sunday.

When I got there, the plot looked like this:

Now, while the wild-growing pansies are beautiful, they were pretty much taking the whole plot up (not to mention the buttercup, the clover and the many other unidentifiable plants growing in there!)

Fortunately the earth was easy to turn and *full* of worms so it was short work to getting my garden plot looking like this:

It’s a little less vivid, but there’s a whole lot more space for veggies now. This isn’t the best shot, but at the far end are two leeks from the last gardener, two spaghetti squash plants (for which I must built supports), and some cabbages. I hope to get some more seeds and starts in this weekend. I’m a little late on it, but still with plenty of time to make it go.

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