In the early morning hours I had the oddest dream in which Brian had the ability to turn into a bird and did so whenever he was angry with me. The first time it happened, he walked out the door and turned into a crow until I had done some act of penance and he returned to me a man. Neither of us liked the crow much, and so the next time we argued he went out and became a stellars jay which annoyed me just as much because it simply seemed a way to avoid our argument. When he came back in man-form, he had patches of skin that were still blue and not turning back. He was stuck then with blue feathery patches on his skin until the next part of the dream which involved more unreasonable behaviour on his part (keeping salmon outside until it rotted and then insisting it was fine to eat).

Fortunately I woke up just as the maggots started crawling out of the fish.

There were other surrealist moments in the dream of course, a road trip, a grand canyon-type place, some other odd people. But the main takeaway was this birdman weirdness.

The whole thing made me glad that I have never thought Brian birdlike. It also made me realize how much the open windows of early summer are affecting my sleep. The crows outside our place are just crazy right now.

One Comment on “Birdman

  1. I’m not saying Brian’s not cool, but if he were Harvey Birdman (as per your picture), he would be SO much cooler.

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