More adventures in sewing.

A new shawl - no mishaps with this piece!

Two mishaps:

  1. I put my finger under a running sewing machine while trying to stitch a zipper and got a needle through the flesh (to the side, not the nail fortunately).
  2. I put together most of a dress pattern – the hardest thing I have done to date, and when I put it on last night it turns out I have made it two sizes too big! I’m looking at ways to alter it tonight to see if the work can be salvaged.

So the learning continues and I’m feeling a little obsessed at the moment. The oversized dress can be hemmed down on the sides a bit without too much fuss but I do think I am going to remake the whole thing again at the proper size which is really the better way to get a good fit. With different fabric of course – I can make a pattern more than once but I don’t like using the same fabric over and over…. so this weekend I’m going to hit Spool of Thread and see what retro-y cuteness I can come up with.

It’s interesting, this process of learning to construct clothing – a total mental engagement as I work my way through (sometimes poorly worded) instructions and then try to apply them to cloth. And unlike quilting, a dress comes together in relatively few hours. I mean, despite the sizing problem – my very first dress has come together in about six hours so far with another 2 to finish it off. That’s really just two after-work evenings or a Sunday project. A quilt takes 4-10 hours per stage – cutting, piecing, basting, quilting – and that’s just for simple projects!

I am hoping by the end of this week to have a dress to show off here – one that is not bunching in the back and bagging at the sides – but in the meantime I’ve left this post with a picture of a crocheted shawl completed last week. This is another field of new explorating and also satisfying my need-to-learn impulses!

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