The front yard job.

After two years of talking plans for the front yard, we finally broke ground on our little plan back in May. You might remember this photo of the initial attack:

Front yard, May 2nd 2011

Since then, we have intermittently worked at our little front patch (which has grown increasingly shady under the leafing beech trees) and finally have about half of it mulched and planted. This is about as far as we are going to get it this year I believe – due to the timing of the year and also the cost of putting in more plants. I would rather wait until next year when I can divide some of our shade-loving perennials rather than shelling out a ton of more money at the garden centre. Also, I’m waiting to see how the wild dug oregon grape and sword ferns do – as I have access to many more on my parents’ property and will install them if they seem to like the locale.

In any case, by the end of this weekend we have a front yard that looks like this:

Front yard, June 5th 2011

Which is feeling pretty sweet. I have to also acknowledge that Brian has done most of the work on this yard as I have been preoccuppied with the veggie garden and also my new community garden plot. One thing you can’t see in these photos is the veggie bed I put in to the right-hand side is doing quite nicely and even in the limited light, my greens are sprouting and starts are coming along. I think this is going to be a good summer greens and winter veggies bed given the shifting light availability/

Check out the detail gallery below, more photos to come shortly!

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