Yesterday gardening.

Appetizers made for Saturday's tea party

I have no garden pictures to share at the moment, because by the time we finished yesterday I just couldn’t be bothered to run all the way upstairs, get the camera and come back down. Pictures later this week, I promise.

But for the record what’s going on in the garden right now? Well I’ll tell you that:

  • My woodland plants – hostas, bleeding hearts, ferns, anemones, wild geraniums, periwinkle and others are all coming in like gangbusters right not. In particular, the bleeding heart is spectacular and in full flower.
  • My asparagus, planted in the fall in a shady spot, has just poked up in two spots. I’m still waiting for the third patch to appear, but for now I’m just happy that some of it seems to have taken.
  • The berries are all flowering right now – and the blueberries in particular are going crazy.
  • My garlic looks positively mouthwatering. For all the crap cold winter, I’m thinking it’s going to be a good garlic summer.
  • All the vines are budding and/or coming into the leaf – the trumpet flower (budding), the jasmine, the red ivy (currently green), the evergreen clematis, the elderflower (technically a shrub/tree – but behaving like a vine at the moment).
  • The veggie garden is growing little by little, though the shady-side box is barely making it at the moment. I took a gamble this weekend and put in squash and beans even though it might be a bit early due to the poor weather this year. I’ve put plastic covers over some of it in hopes of spurring germination. If these seeds don’t sprout, I’m fully prepared to plant more in a month. I also just planted beets and carrots, which I have been holding off on because of the endless rain. And more potatoes. All the potatoes planted last month are doing quite well at the moment.
  • In the front, we cardboarded and mulched more of the lawn around the new pond, and I planted some veggies and impatiens in the raised box – this is a bit of an experiment into what might grow in the variegated light we get there. Plus we got rocks and made a path that will eventually be mulched all around. This area is starting to look really tied together. We are still in need of more plants to round the whole area out, but I think I’ve got some ready to divide so that should help out in the meantime.

All in all, I’m happy with what we got accomplished yesterday – but disappointed in the veggie garden due to the cold and wet weather this spring. The nighttime temperatures are going up right now, but not nearly fast enough for my liking. I’m thinking this year all my tomatoes will be purchased since my starts aren’t doing so great and it’s going to be a short tomato season otherwise.

And that’s the garden right now!

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