If winter never ends……

It will be awhile before anyone is wearing my latest crochet creation – given that we are heading into summer (I hope – please Vancouver weather, time to co-operate!) – but I’m putting this one away either for myself or as a gift since finishing on the weekend. May I introduce to you my own design in a continuous scarf:

Making the scarf continous turned a super-long scarf into something more fashionable.

See, the other day I was looking for a new project, and I walked into Baaad Anna’s (Not your mother’s yarn store) near my house and Anna pointed out to me the Debbie Bliss Como near the front door. Lots of colour choices, and so soft! I wasn’t really planning on picking something this chunky, but I got a couple of balls and went out.

Well! Three and a half balls of the blue later (and half a ball of pink), I ended up with this lovely creation. Designed as I crocheted on the bus to and from work, I wasn’t paying so much attention to the length when I started and ended up with something a bit longer than the average scarf. Remember, I only learned to crochet a month ago, so I’m not really on it like a pro yet.  Over the weekend I was thinking about how best to wear a scarf so long when it came to me that if I joined the ends and made it continuous, a whole different look would ensue. Am I ever glad I went in that direction! Trying this on Sunday afternoon (recovering from a Saturday night cocktail party), I was so impressed with the look and feel of this piece, I can hardly wait for the weather to go cool again.

Now, I did make this as a gift so I’m thinking I might make a second one for myself, or make a different piece for the giftee.  This always happens to me – when I make something for someone – I immediately want one for myself too (see yesterday’s book bags post). We’ll see. I’m starting a raw wool scarf for B. next and then I’ll decide if I want to go back and make a second version of the same thing. The como isn’t particularly cheap, but it has such an incredible touch!

Unwapped a bit, you can see the length here....

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