Everything is new.

I have seriously fallen off the postaday bandwagon recently. Not much into writing as I’ve been immersed in making and gardening on the home front – enough new skills to have me completely distracted most of the time.  Over at Among the Weeds I have been posting the fruits of my labours, and within the next day I should have a completed shawl to add to the list of crochet. Very exciting! Because after a few years of basic sewing – making bags, quilts and the like – I’ve decided that I would love to start making some of my own clothes.

Now, this prospect has always daunted me – I am not a precision sewist after all, and I basically flunked home ec in high school. But there are so many great sewing blogs on the Internet these days – I find myself excited and inspired by the idea of making dresses that actually fit me. In particular Mena Trott over at Sew Weekly – with her goal of one dress a week (since 2010) – pretty much blows me away with her lovely outfits. She uses lots of retro patterns and a variety of fabrics to create clothes to suit her – and throws down a challenge once a week for her followers (this week is the perfect summer dress).

Now I’m not quite ready for dresses, but I did purchase a skirt pattern and some fabric last week – and I’ve ordered some black yarn in order to crochet this cardigan pattern from Interweave (to finish off an outfit I started putting together with a modified skirt turned dress which I need a shrug/sweater to go with).I’ve also picked out a few other simple patterns to try once I’ve worked on the skirts a little bit – and I would really love to work myself up a crocheted car-coat for the fall if I can get my skills up to it in time.

I think this making-things craze is ticking right alongside the other new ventures I’m embarking on at the moment – looking for work, grad school in the fall….. Shrugging off some of the winter and stepping into new horizons. It’s funny how one change can prompt others – as though realizing that I can get into grad school has also pointed to the realization I can try other new things too.

It’s ridiculous really because I’ve got so many things to do coming up – holidays, grant projects, getting my brain prepped by doing a lot of reading…. but that’s just the way I roll. It’s always more than one project at a time as long as it’s new!

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