• Back at work after four days of union convention and I am glad to say that I’ve given up an area of major responsibility in my union as of yesterday. I still have shop stewarding and district labour council roles, but I’m choosing to keep those for now.
  • I still have a majorly clogged sinus, though otherwise my sickness seems to be mostly cleared up.
  • My first graduate seminar is next month –  in preparation I must read the Orestia and come up with two questions for discussion.
  • This rainy May weather is a major bummer.
  • I am looking for other work even though my job is safe for the time being. Feels like a season of change in my life, so I’m using that impetus to put the feelers out for jobs that might give me some new challenges.
  • I’ve decided that I would like to learn how to make simple clothing. Operative word – simple. I’m obsessed with crocheted garments and basic skirts at the moment – so once I finish up the bags I am working on I think an elastic-waisted skirt will be the next order of business. With the crochet, I’m working scarves at the moment, soon to move on to a shawl. Hopefully by next winter I’ll be working on a sweater.
  • I’ve got another busy week coming up, but fortunately it’s mostly home-centered. I should be at work and on here more often too.

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