Thirty days to a new job?

Somewhere out there on the interwebs I read that a good approach to making life changes is to approach them thirty days at a time. Thirty days to a better life – idea being that you pick something you want to change in your life and you work at it hard for thirty days. Like biking to work or not biting your nails. Or in my case, looking for different employment.

So I’m on day four of thirty days and I’m on a track of applying for *any* job I’m interested in without thinking about it too much. See, what I normally do when I sorta think I want to switch jobs is I look around and then talk myself out of applying for 80% of what I might be qualified for. There are various reasons I do this, partly inertia, partly insecurity I”m sure. But this next twenty-six days I’m not going to do that, and since last week I’ve applied for two good jobs.

This is not to say I will apply for anything, and I am not at all interested in leaving my okay job (that’s driving me crazy these days but still has benefits and a pension) for something worse. But what I am pledging to myself is a little bit more confidence in putting myself out there – taking some risks that I’ve felt unwilling to in the past – and trusting that things are going to work out the way they are supposed to in the end.

After twelve years in the same workplace that’s a bit daunting, but if there’s any time for a change it’s right now.

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