Pretty pleased

All in all, last night’s dinner for B’s birthday was a fabulous success. Here’s the table pre-dinner with my fancy handmade linens out for the first time:

The finished product.

The menu consisted of three main courses and many appetizers, sides and other goodies, the theme being Greek:

  • Appetizers: white bean/sundried tomato dip with homemade pita, dolmades (storebought), apricots stuffed with almonds, stuffed olives.
  • Sides: homemade olive bread, honey-lemon glazed carrots, filo-wrapped asparagus, pear & cambazola salad, rice pilaf
  • Mains: Shrimp scampi, spanokopita, chicken in lemon-yogurt sauce
  • Dessert: Lemon-yogurt cake with whipped cream and raspberry coulis – thanks to Jill for putting that together for us!

Basically it took all day, but it was totally worth it when all the food was out on the table and I got to bask in the appreciation of ten people who descended on the food with great fervor. Probably the best dinner party I’ve ever put together on my own (with a little last minute help from Masha)…. so I’m pretty pleased about it.

And a final shot, with food on the table:

Food gloat

One Comment on “Pretty pleased

  1. I found you via the postaday group on facebook and like you, I am getting back into the swing of things. Kudos for your devotion to writing/blogging/creating yummyness.

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