Details, details, details.

One of the tasks at work that’s I’ve been dreading is finally complete – as I’ve just finished the second stage of a screening process for my current hiring competition. Talk about tedious! This was the testing round, where a number of people submitted web pages they had developed according to my instructions (or not). Because there were a number of elements to the test, scoring them took several hours – but in the end I got what I wanted…. which was far less people to interview.

You see, testing in hiring processes has less to do with the skills of applicants and more to do with their ability to follow instructions, and at least half of my test-ees missed at least one component they were asked to complete. That surprised me. Additionally, a number of people couldn’t do basic editing even though the job posting is for someone in communications.What was particularly notable to me though is that those things went hand in hand. That is, if someone failed to follow the basic instructions, they also missed more than half the errors I wanted them to catch in editing. Attention to detail! Very important.

And speaking of competitive processes, my interview with SFU yesterday went well and I should hear shortly about whether or not I’ve been accepted in the the program. I’m never sure how gauge my performance in such situations, but I think I piqued their interest a little bit – not only do I read difficult things, but I’ve got definite opinions on them. And I suppose that’s what makes for a graduate student if I’m lucky.

In the meantime I am crocheting, and trying to finish some quilted placemats before Brian’s birthday dinner next weekend, and hoping to get into the garden if the rain will ever stop. So many things to do and for the first time in ages I’m actually feeling excited about getting them done.

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