Now that was depressing.

I find myself wondering what country I live in this morning with a Conservative majority government elected last night. Is this really a country that doesn’t believe in social programs, health care, womens’ rights, international diplomacy, peace-keeping, higher education, workers’ rights, parliamentary rules, scientific independence or the environment? Because the Conservatives under Stephen Harper have only expressed repeated contempt for all of the above and “we” have just given them the power to do whatever they want. Though admittedly, only 24% of Canadians gave them that power – a broken electoral system and an electorate where only 60% of the people vote – have allowed this anti-Canada party to form government.

For god’s sake people! This is the party who wants to merge Canada and the United States!


I know I should find a silver lining in the NDP surge last night – their historic victory in becoming the official opposition for the first time in their fifty-year history. But really, the devastation of a Conservative majority is just too great to feel much joy about who will be taking them to task. And without strong social movements, it won’t matter anyway (so let’s get building – we’ve got four years of fighting to do to keep Canada ours!)

I expect the first three months will be the worst, followed by a slow-grinding dissolution of Canada over the next decade if they can’t be stopped. I am utterly shocked by this. Shocked, and angered that so many Canadians just couldn’t be bothered to come out and vote at all.

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