Back at it.

I’m feeling a bit nervous at the moment because in less than two hours I will be sitting in an interview regarding my application to graduate school. So what can I say except that I’m back in Vancouver (from a weekend trip to Fanny Bay ), I’m back at work after being sick a couple days last week on top of the long weekend, and I’ve got a very busy few days (and weeks) coming up.

In other news, I’ve been teaching myself to crochet over the weekend so I have a craft to take places with me – particularly when I’m traveling long distances. So far I’ve made four wash cloths and a soap saver during my weekend travels. I think next on the agenda is a scarf and wrist-warmers, or perhaps a cowl. Summer doesn’t exactly seem like scarf-making weather, so I might look at a lighter-weight summer shawl as a project next. We’ll see what I find to inspire me at the yarn shop on my way home from work today.

With the election looming I’m finding it hard to be motivated at work. Everything here is so touchy at the moment and I can’t stand the idea of a possible majority (though apparently that’s as elusive as ever for the Cons with their current projection at 147 seats). I’ve got lots to do though – because no matter who makes the government after May 2nd, they work of the government continues.

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