I've got yard-itch!

It’s that itchy time of year for yard projects on the wet coast. Warm enough (sortof) to get outside and do some thing, but too wet for most. But if you don’t get your infrastructure done by the end of March, it seems like April is weeds and then everything else just gets away from you. So I’ve got big ambitions for the rest of February and am hoping in the next three weeks I can:

  • Lay drip irrigation
  • Build my top-bar hive (this is an imperative, the bees are being shipped in the next two weeks)
  • Mulch
  • Build two arbors.

The last two projects aren’t imperative for February, but it would sure be nice to get them done so I can move on with planting and also plotting out the frontyard. On Saturday, our friend Dave came and twenty boxwood hedges out of the front, and now I’m working with an almost-blank canvas. Time for drawings! Planning! Plotting! Even though we don’t have much money for that project just yet – Brian wants to get a hole dug for a pond and we’ll work on the plantings over time (as money allows).

Tomorrow is supposed to bring some cold-sun, and I’ve taken the day off because its my birthday – so here’s to a few hours between the hardware store and outside to celebrate!

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