Almost 38.

You know you’re getting old when after a “hard-partying” weekend you’re mostly feeling ill from the effects of refined sugar. While it is true that I drank upwards of a bottle of red wine on Saturday night, I’m pretty sure that this Monday-morning hangover has more to do with the fact I broke my 3-week clean-eating streak on the weekend. Not that I’m feeling down on myself about it – it was in the service of birthday festivities after all! But I sure didn’t think I’d be paying for Saturday night straight through Monday morning!

That aside, my birthday is in fact tomorrow (38!) and between B. and friends, I had a lovely social, food and drink-filled weekend that I am feeling entirely grateful and pleased about. Not only did B. arrange to bring a friend down from Bella Coola for a visit, but he put on a lovely little dinner spread Saturday night with a small collection of cool folks. This is not to mention the Friday night dinner he and M. made for me before taking us out to see True Grit (it was our family birthday celebration of sorts). And on Sunday our friends Jill and Andrew had us over for a fabulous dinner with chocolate-chilli birthday torte and everything!

On top of that, I got to finally cash in a gift certificate to Ming Wo that was given to us for a wedding present (thanks lit bitches!) Saturday afternoon, and when I went in to spend it I discovered that everything in the store was 25% or more off because of Chinese New Year. Suffice to say I got a few nice things and was once again bowled over by the generosity of that gift.

Oh, and then there was the part of the whole getting me out of the house so B. could prepare food, where my friend Sharai arranged a post-workout lunch and art gallery date Saturday afternoon which was a nice diversion, though I kept wondering why she was acting so weird the whole time (apparently this role was causing some stress as her job was to keep me out of the house as long as possible and most of the art gallery exhibitions were closed off on Saturday).

In all? A very fun and funny weekend arranged by my favourite person in the world who I am so blessed to have in my life. Yay Brian!

Tomorrow is my actual day and I’ve taken the day off work to putter in the garden and hopefully put together a top-bar beehive since my bees are scheduled for delivery in the next couple of weeks. I suppose that’s another sign of aging too – I can’t think of anything I would rather do on my birthday than work on the garden irrigation plan and prep for my next home project. Hopefully by then my system will be a bit more back to normal.

One Comment on “Almost 38.

  1. It was so fun to be a part of that surprise! even though i was really worried my face was giving away that i was up to something, the entire time. it took every thing in my soul to not say anything. I almost had some accidents when i was going to say things. so I’m really glad that for once, i really thought of what i was going to say, before i said it!

    love you Megs. xo

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