February is turning into Fabric Month!

I’ve got four cooking and gardening books in the pile for review right now – all of them really exciting titles when I get down to posting them here – I promise! But at the moment, I’m a little obsessed with fabric instead – and February is turning out to be a *great* fabric month. First of all, B. bought me a bunch of really nice designer fabrics (at left) – three of which are already incorporated in projects: The skulls have been made into market bags, the tattoo fabric (which you can barely see at the end) has been made into a bread bag and a kitchen laundry bag, and the amy butler turquoise second from right is going to become an overnight bag in very short order. The other fabrics are still up for grabs until I decide what to do with him. After this gift, B. gave me another fabric gift (which I haven’t photographed) including a bunch of small pieces and fat quarters from Spoonflower.

On top of that – DressSew is having a 50% off everything sale for their 50th anniversary which afforded me a whole lot of interfacing, lining fabric and a few more designer cottons I would normally not have bought except they were so cheap. $150 of stuff set me back about $82 with tax – which is a really nice stash addition for not too much money. Plus I got the lining to make Jenny’s diaper bag which is on my next projects list.

And if that wasn’t all enough, my mother has promised me a shopping trip to Satin Moon in Victoria as a birthday present this month (and possibly some other fabric/textile shops as well). That’s all high-end stuff for quilting and they have an amazing selection of supplies!  By the end of all this, I will certainly be awash in lots of amazing project fabrics…. just in time for – gardening season!

But that’s okay, because right now it’s all small one-off projects to build my skills and having some nice material to work with sure makes it a lot more enjoyable. I’m super glad I learned how to use interfacing in a workshop last year as well, that is turning out to give me a lot more project options. Next up after the three projects I’ve got on the go are done? Zippers I think. I’m going to learn how to install zippers for this cute little amy butler zipper bag set I’ve just bought some fabric for today. Ah. Litte distractions. Photos and book reviews to come soon!

One Comment on “February is turning into Fabric Month!

  1. Check out this video I found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EICadoBCC1s

    (How to make a lined, zippered pouch.) I’m going to make a bunch of these with the ever-growing fabric & zipper stash I’ve got. Did you know you can often get a bag of random zippers at Dressew for $1? I love that store…

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