Hopped up and ready to go.

I am feeling ridiculously hopped up at the moment, which I suspect is the result of the steroids prescribed to me by the dentist to help keep my mouth swelling down. Which is kind of nice – because I feel so eager to get things done, but on the other hand I’m a little distracted by how many things I could be doing all at once. Not to mention the slightly queasy feeling I’ve got going on which is a result of said steroids. I’ve got two more of them to take and then I’m done with them – which I think is for the best really – as I’ve just taken on tons of work in the last two days and I’m pretty sure these pills are also to blame for that!

So what’s on the go right now? I’ve just found out that the union wants me back in Ottawa at the end of the month for a couple of days, in which case I’m going ahead with scheduling a work meeting and a friend has invited me for dinner one night as well – making the whole thing more palatable. Additionally, since I’m trying to engineer some money flowing down to my unit from the almighty headquarters, having a bit of a face to face with the higher-ups is probably a good thing right now. Yesterday, I managed to sell some people on a whole new web strategy for one of our major information products  and promised to write up a project plan in the next week for kicking around. Not to mention an agreement I made during a union-management consult yesterday to research a whole new communications in conflict-type course which I think would be really beneficial to pilot in my workplace (see my earlier post – Not Everything is Harassment if you want any explanation on that one). I’ve also got a great idea for a community grant proposal that I want to write up by next Wednesday and have agreed to leaflet 300 houses for an upcoming movie night. Oh, and my bees are coming soon and I’ve got to get their damned hive built pronto!

Problem is that even once these damned steroids have worn off I’m still going to have to do all these things, and without nearly as much energy. It’s a little daunting at the moment – but really, in an era of cut-backs (and I’m pretty sure bad ones are coming) it’s just so much better to be busy and make sure the whole work unit is too! And that busy fuels all the other stuff in my outside-of-work life.

There’s fun stuff coming up as well though – an overnight trip to Lummi Island in March, a ten-day roadtrip to Death Valley for some hiking in April, a 5-day sojourn to spend time with the folks at a rental house on the Oregon Coast in June, and some talk of heading back up to Cathedral Lakes for a camping/hiking trip in July. Oh – and NYC in October, which is aways off but we’re booking our tickets with Aeroplan points so we have to do it now.

I’m a little too spinny at the moment for any kind of a cogent post, but I suspect the mellower me will return within 48 hours. In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of things I should be working on!


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