January in the Garden

The borage isn't in the garden right now - this is just a reminder that sunnier days are on the horizon!

In an effort to document garden activities month-by-month in my pacific northwest garden I am introducing the category “In the garden right now”. I find lists like this useful in other publications and blogs – as reminders and inspiration to get out there and dig my hands in the soil. So this January, 2011 I have:

  • Emailed local apiaries about the possibility of getting bees for 2011.
  • Ordered my seed and mushroom plugs.
  • Turned the worm compost to make sure everyone is still living, and added a liberal layer of leaf mulch to their habitat in order to continue staving off the cold.
  • Pruned my neighbour’s quince tree while it’s in dormancy and can’t really be hurt too much – the branches were taking over our patio.
  • Reviewed the garden while the foliage is most died back to plan building onto my garden’s bones as the weather allows.
  • Started a new garden journal.

Edible things in the garden this week

  • Dead lemongrass is fragrant and good for teas and soups – I need to cut the patch back and bring it inside.
  • My rosemary is flourishing right now.
  • The kale is sweetened by the frost, even though it looks a mite sad at the moment. Unfortunately every other green was killed by the cold this year.

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