Goals for 2011

I just updated my procrastination log for the day, and have to acknowledge that I have not been keeping up with all the tasks at hand this week. Not only that, I realize that it’s January 13th and as much as I have intended to – no intentions have been set on this blog for the next year.  Oh procrastination!

I’m not so much for resolutions really, but goals – things I have been working towards for some time, or am identifying as a priority during this time of grey and introspection. And so for 2011 I have identified that in each area of my life I have some things I’m setting the course for in the aspiration of becoming a less-stressed, more grounded, and more productive person:


  • Become a zero-inboxer, or as close to it as possible. I have been on this since January 1st, and it really does feel awesome to leave work with less than ten emails in the inbox.
  • Communicate better with the staff I supervise – to wit I’ve arranged for bi-weekly meetings in order to do this.
  • Put an end to procrastination! To-Do Lists are my friend. Crossing off items every day makes me feel better about my existence.
  • Dial out of the negativity in my office rather than getting caught up in it. I suspect this may involve a lot more listening to iTunes.


  • More impromptu overnights & trips. So far this year we’ve gone to Bowen, and have trips planned for February, March and April. Navigating new places & visiting familiar ones is good for B. and I – us out in the world together!
  • Be nicer. Seriously, sometimes I’m too crabby with B. even though he is my one true love. Given that I want a long and healthy relationship, I want to find continual ways of acknowledging the amazingness of my partner rather than being snappish because of whatever issues I happen to be having.
  • Have confidence in my friendships and that people actually want my company. I tend not to follow up with friends because deep down inside I am sure that my presence is an annoyance, and that phone calls are unwelcome. This is something I don’t expect to conquer in 2011, but I can work on it by making a couple phone calls to friends a month.


  • Post-a-day on this blog – even if that post comprises only a photo or a few words. I suspect lining up a few blog posts at a time when I’m free would be a good way to ensure that even on busy days and holidays I’ve got content.
  • More networking with other bloggers. More reading other blogs and subscriptions. Blogging is two-way communication after all and I am going to set regular weekly time aside for this.
  • Better tagging and categorizing on all blogs.
  • New posts at slipperyfish.ca and viaducteast.ca this year or I’m cancelling those domains. I’ve e-clutter like I’ve got basement clutter and it has to stop!


  • Finish my application and get into grad school.
  • Lose ten pounds by the summer, get regular physical fitness back into my life (I’ve been slacking since the fall!)
  • Spend more time in the studio where it is really quiet – reading, meditating, having private space. I feel guilty about this, even though I know I shouldn’t.


  • Continue to relocalize to within as tight a footprint as possible. More local food, beer, wine – and consumer products. More making things for ourselves from their constituent parts.
  • More seed saving.
  • Learn to grow great red cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and onions. Struggle vegetables for me, but ones I love to eat.

I’m sure there are more goals I’m missing at the moment – but the beauty of blogging is that I can always come in and add them later. For now these all seem attainable and concrete – which is exactly what goals should be. Woo hoo 2011! I am totally ready for this one 🙂

One Comment on “Goals for 2011

  1. So true about the calling friends thing! I feel exactly the same way and yet am always thrilled when someone calls me, so why do we believe that phoning others will be annoying in some way? Go figure…

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