First quilts of 2011

I finished these quilts last week – my first projects upon bringing home the new PFAFF after the Christmas holidays – but am just getting around to posting about them now. Two quilts for two pregnant friends made with the American Jane fabric line Punctuation. I am pretty much in love with all retro imagery in fabric and also fabric that includes writing or textual motifs – so this line and the alphabetical center panel thrill me to no end. I am quite pleased with how these turned out (I am pretty limited in my quilting skills) – and used them as an exercise in how different quilting stitches work on my machine. These measure 38 x 54 inches.

More detail:

My favourite square - Velocipede!

3 Comments on “First quilts of 2011

  1. Oh, lovely! Have you got any other recommendations for where to buy fabric online? I can’t stand the Fabricland at my local mall, and am needing to take the plunge into searching the net.

    • is probably my favourite and has the best prices – even when you factor in the shipping, it’s way cheaper than buying fabric at most Canadian shops (unfortunately because I would love to buy local more often – but when meters of fabric are double the price and the dollar is at par? I can’t justify it.)

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