A hop, skip and jump…..

B. and I took ourselves a little post-holiday break this weekend and hopped the ferry to Bowen for a much-needed overnight escape. Just the two of us, hiking Killarney Lake, hot-tubbing in the afternoon and cooking a gourmet dinner and breakfast in our little rented cabin….

All within 45 minutes of our home! I really do love that aspect of where we live – so close to getting away all the time – and Bowen is just a bus and ferry-ride away. I’m thinking summer dinners at Tuscany after work sound like a nice treat – and we can make it there and home in time for bed.

In March we have scheduled an overnight to Lummi Island in Washington state to have dinner and stay at the Willows Inn on their Sunday-night special (dinner, overnight and breakfast for $235). Another close-by spot – just across the pond from Bellingham by county ferry.

Even as I outline my spring projects for the next few months, I’m eager for little adventures away from home as well. I absolutely love packing up the car with B. and hitting the road – for an afternoon, an overnight, or a couple of weeks – it’s all about the little intimacies of travel and exploring new spaces (as close to home as they might be). And we both note at the end of our little sojourns – how much closer we feel, how much more relaxed. It’s almost always possible to make time for an overnight – and one of the essential pleasures of our life together.

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