Paint and fabric. Paint and fabric.

It must be the transition from outside to inside, but I’ve recently become obsessed with textile projects again. For the first time since… well…. last winter I guess. Something about the summer and I really have no desire to be toiling away at the sewing machine, but come fall and I’m stitching and plotting new projects all over again. Besides the napkins I posted yesterday, I’ve got a couple other immediate projects I’d like to get to.

Brian and I have decided to redo our front hallway because it is a small, dark and disorganized space that is visible from our living room. For some reason the previous owners painted it a coal-blue colour, and all we’ve done since moving in is throw some hooks up on the wall for our jackets which doesn’t quite cut it for our needs. So we’re repainting and re-organizing starting with a coast of bright yellow (think Mexican yellow) paint that compliments the Mexican tin mirror we have hanging in the entryway.

And then I’m building some functional shelving for boots & shoes, plus installing a clothing bar to hang coats and jackets on, and a shelf above  which will hold three boxes made from fabric – one for each of our mittens, hats and scarves.

But the real piece de resistance? Well that’s where the gorgeous fabric at the start of this post comes in. Viva La Frida in turqouise….. Because the front entryhall is visible to people sitting in the living room,  I want to be able to pull a curtain over the coats and shoes when we have company. And this is the fabric we have chosen! Brian found it online earlier today and in an email flurry we have agreed that this is exactly what we want – bold and bright, plus an homage to one of our favourite artists and activists. What do you think?

I promise some before and after pictures of the entryhall when we are all finished up. With the sewing involved I think it will be a month or so before we’re all done – but I’m pretty excited to get started with it because we have worked out all sorts of lovely small details that will make it an inviting entrance as well as practical for our storage needs.

Oh and while I’m at it – I might as well show you this fabric that I’ve chosen to make some living room throw pillows out of. So amazing!

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