After spending the weekend doing many things – wine-making, cooking, watching movies, going for walks and sewing – I’ve got some bragging rights on this cool scrap-busting project. Fancy cloth dinner napkins! I wish I could claim the design as well, but truth be told I got it over at Sew Mama Sew a few weeks ago and have been waiting for time to make it happen. I’ve managed to make the better part of three sets (of four), but ran out of thread this evening before I could get the finishing top-stitches on the last few – and I’ve got four more sets half cut out. At least eight of these napkins are for our dinner table (we only use cloth napkins and I never have enough), but the rest of them are heading out as holiday gifts. Each set is unique, of course, because they are all made with different combinations of scraps.

Even though my corners aren’t perfect and my lines aren’t always straight, these still turned out beautifully and feel rich with their cotton tops and muslin backing.  B likes them so much he wants me to make a table-cloth to match ’em for dinner parties – which I agree would make a quick but stylish project to tie it all together.

One Comment on “Scrap-bustin'

  1. I didn’t know you sewed… I’ve got a MILLION scraps of fabric in my sewing room. I actually have a large Rubbermaid tote bin plus a large dresser drawer of them… Not to mention about eight other dresser drawers full of lengths of fabric that I haven’t made things out of just yet but HAD to buy. If you are running short of scraps to use up, come take some of mine!

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