Autumn walking.

An east van street

I can’t ever remember having such a warm and sunny autumn in all my years of living in Vancouver (this fall marks fifteen such autumns), but it really has been lovely to come home to this brilliant colour up and down my street rather than sodden masses of rotting leaves. I mean, there’s still the raking to do (thanks Brian!) but it is much nicer than relentless rain.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my neighbourhood? Well, I do. And I’m glad that despite my crazy schedule lately I have still had lots of time at home to enjoy it.

This weekend B & I decided that getting out for a bit of a walk would be good for all three of us and the dog – and so we decided to check out Colony Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam. Mostly because everytime I take the Lougheed Highway for any reason I see the sign for the park and wonder what exactly is there. I figured it was time to find out!

Turns out that there is lots there – amazing flat trails across meadows and marsh (for cycling and walking), wildlife research stations, birds of all varieties, and a giant community garden right near the parking area.  Despite being an urban park surrounded by housing and cut through by powerlines, it still manages to be an important recreation and habitat space – as evidenced by all the people who come out to enjoy it on a sunny weekend. I would note for all you dog-walkers that there is *no* off-leash area at Colony Farm and because of the sensitive nature of the area (bird-nesting habitat) it would be really frowned upon if you were to let your dogs go off-leash.

Fortunately, the rain forecast for the weekend didn’t come until evening-time so we were blessed with the kind of muted sky that makes for brilliant photo-taking conditions.

Otherwise it was a weekend of sewing (check out my posts at for fabric and sewing blogging), wine-making, reading, and movie-watching. Our whole household has been sick in the past few weeks, and only on Sunday did B. feel well enough to actually get out and do something…. which made for a restful couple of days as I am also on the tail-end of recovery from my multiple illnesses of late.

Back to work today of course, but super-glad for the day off mid-week. We’re hoping to get some painting started in our front hallway!

One Comment on “Autumn walking.

  1. Great photos. I wish I’d taken my camera on the hike I enjoyed last week. Even using my phone, I still got some good pics of Whiteside Mountain in western, NC.

    — Judson

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