Visioning and re-visioning

A combination of work still being done in the backyard and the rain of the last couple of weeks have conspired to make me a little stir-crazy as far as the garden goes. Too much construction debris strewn about to really get out there and prepare things, work still to be done on the patio, a hot tub yet to be delivered, etc.  Not a complaint, really, but once all the *big* elements are in place there’s a lot of work to do and I’m excited to get going on it. True to form, rather than just wait, I’ve drafted up yet *another* backyard vision, this one involving beekeeping and mushroom-growing activities. Not that I expect to have bees by this summer…. but plans are certainly afoot! I’ve included a snapshot of my new vision drawing below (done in an old version of Pagemaker rather than by hand this time). Click on it for the full-sized PDF if this is of interest…… Just for interest, the potatoes figured below will be grown in flour sacks beside the raised beds.

A new backyard plan
A new backyard plan

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