Getting into the dirt.

Never in my younger years did I forsee a time when I would get so damned excited about dirt… but having just hung up the phone from my dirt delivery guy, I find myself positively giddy with a weekend of projects to look forward to: a shitaake-mushroom growing workshop on Saturday morning, a delivery of soil to finish off my raised boxes, building another planting box-structure for the backside of my fence, and the painting of our new studio-space with help from some friends. Plus I’ve got an old friend visiting, and at least one communal dinner to prepare on Sunday night. That’s some good living if you ask me.

I haven’t been writing much here lately – but if you go over to Among the Weeds you can see some photographs of my little veggie starts and also a new diagram of our backyard project. Since the weather is going to be good this weekend, I intend to make good use of it by getting a solid start on our garden. It’s still aways off before most things can go in, but I’ve got two kinds of peas, some kale, and some spinach that could get started about now. I’ve also got some kale starts that I might put out under plastic pop bottles.

B. and I are also getting excited about doing a little random guerilla gardening here and there. Peas along a backstop in the park? Sunflowers tucked along the sides of buildings? A random neighbourhood herb garden? We’ve got some plans. It finally feels time to get out and into the yard again and for that we are very grateful…. and also happy that the studio is finished at just the same time. No more workmen throwing debris all over my plants! We’ve just got one more small project to do with the patio extension and we’re hoping that can get done as soon as possible so I can construct the flower boxes, and also have our hottub delivered (I also just talked to our hottub guy today and ours is in earlier than expected and is ready for delivery when we are!)

So any day now we’re going to have the backyard of our dreams – dirt, water and plants galore…. And that means having people over for lots of summer socializing, fall eating and just general all-around hanging out.

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