Vote for my stepdaughter!

For those of you who haven’t received this via my Facebook or email – I’m asking you all for a favour 🙂 My stepdaughter has been listed as a finalist in a national writing contest sponsored by Parks Canada about diversity in Canada. Her essay, Freedom’s Borders, about the life of Lucie Blackburn, is one of fourteen short-listed in her category (9-12, English Writing) and currently posted on the Mathieu DaCosta Challenge Website. The final winner of the prize (trip to Ottawa) will be chosen by the number of votes each essay on the site receives – so I’m looking for all the support we can muster out there.

I would ask that you go to the site, take a look at the entries and vote (if you like another entry better, vote for that one – I’m not sure about this whole popularity contest aspect of the contest). In order to vote you have to create an account which you can do here: Once you have put in your chosen username and email address the system will email you a password. Then you can click on the link in the email that takes you to the login page and input your username and the password you just received. From there, return to the essay of your choice (again, M’s is posted here) and click on the vote link at the top. Easy? Not really, but please check it out on behalf of our family 🙂 We’re pretty proud!

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