Post #3259: Summer Textile School Weeks 7-9

The last few weeks have been really busy with vacation and then the big annual party we throw on the August long weekend – so I’ve been behind in documenting my process here, and not able to spend as much time in the studio as I would like. I will be around for the whole month of August and intend to spend lot of time in the studio before my next vacation break in September. 

Dyeing Activities

  • I was running low on sample skeins so I mordanted four more skeins in alum and wound three of those into mini-skeins. The winding was a perfect project to take on vacation to Cortes Island. 
  • Added marigold and pomegranate to the dye stash. Love the marigold on yarn! Used the pomegranate to create an olive grey with iron.  
  • I am still trying to find a true red and along the way have made a plum colour, brown, and another burgundy. Today I’m trying cochineal with cream of tartar. We’ll see how it goes.
  • I dyed a cotton shawl with Brazilwood and am quite unhappy with the colour – it’s so muted that I think I’ll have to dye again. 
Brazilwood, marigold, madder and cochineal in various combinations.

Weaving Activities

  • Warped and wove samples from the Colour and Weave Gamp (Project 2 of Season 2 of Jane Stafford Weaving School)
  • Watched more of the Season 2 lessons including Colour Theory – much of which was repeat from other courses I’ve taken. Honestly, the best colour theory crash course has been the natural dyeing work.
  • Had a big realization that I was treadling and beating in a less-than-optimal order. I had fallen into a weird habit and fortunately managed to click out of it which immediately improved my weaving.
  • Agreed to a weaving commission which is the first time I’ve felt confident enough around my work to sell it. I’ve been resistant to selling my work for reasons other than confidence but I wouldn’t mind another small income stream and I have a pretty good idea of how much time something will take and how that translates into what I should ask for a custom piece. 
Pattern sampler.
Tea towel in five colours.

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