Post #3258: Party Time

I’m posting my weekly re-cap a day early because I will be party-hosting for the next few days, starting pretty early tomorrow. It’s our annual “August long” party at Birdsong! Though we’ve scaled back quite a bit due to Covid (way fewer people staying here or invited), we are going ahead with weekend festivities for the sixth year in a row. This is an all-outdoor affair, with everyone attending double-vaxxed, so the chances of a transmission event are slim-to-none even with the Delta variant circulating.

Even though I try to keep our pre-party week low-key, it’s been pretty busy around here! After returning from vacation, we had a visit from my parents, hosted a house concert, got our new outdoor kitchen installed (with water hookup), and went to the Wednesday farmer’s market to have dinner with friends. I’ve managed to get the Julia loom warped and am weaving on it, as well as puttering around the dye studio. Also, working. I still can’t share details about the new job but things have started rolling on it and I am simultaneously winding down my current projects while getting briefed on the new one.

The new outdoor kitchen. Behind one of the cupboards is a mini-fridge and propane is stored beneath the stovetop.

On top of all that, I’ve been having some trouble sleeping this week. I can’t pinpoint the cause, though likely it’s related to getting ready for people to descend on my home. As much as I love hosting, there is always a little anxiety leading up to things. This year we have left a lot of the party food up to guests because I just didn’t have it in me to spend weeks prepping food. Fortunately, our friends are all DIY-ers and they *want* to contribute, so when we put the call out it was well met! I’m looking forward to eating other people’s food at my house this weekend!

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