Post #3223: A week of work and other things

Despite the fact I have a decent job, returning to it after a few days off is always a bit of drag. There are just so many other things I would rather be doing than my job! And yet I am grateful to have had the time off last week to do some of them – play music, write, go for runs and hikes, and so on. I even got in some snowshoeing at Mt. Washington.

This week has been all back to business though with a full and busy week of work. I am nearing the end of my months-long staffing processes and pretty soon nine people will have permanent positions on our team. My process was also used by several other government departments to staff their teams (which is sort of not cool because it’s considered poaching from my process, but on the other hand it means that about 15 people are getting indeterminate positions out of a single process and that is for the greater good). Next week I have to spend a couple of days wrapping up the paperwork and then I am officially done with that.

I’ve been working on learning French for the last month, related to some workplace discussions about managerial ability and how I am hampered in moving up by having almost no second language skills. I’m not sure if it will go anywhere (like to full-time French language training), but I have been having fun testing my terrible French and taking online lessons lately. According to my progress map, I am almost graduated from “Entry” level to “Beginner”. From what I can tell, I have already surpassed everything I learned in high school French, with the exception of some more advanced verb conjugation. Since it’s work-related learning I mostly fit it into my work day, though I sometimes do a bit of practice quizzing on weekends to keep up.

It’s starting to feel like spring around here as evidenced by two things – I always cut my carbs way back around this time of year, and I want to sew all the new clothes for the season! This year, my desire to sew is fueled by the fact that I had to retire a lot of clothing last summer due to changes in my body size and shape – and now I have a small and not-very-fun wardrobe. Even though the temperatures have not moved beyond winter, the appearance of intermittent sunshine (not to mention crocus, rhubarb, and garlic shoots) are a reminder that I will want some new seasonal clothes soon. I started sewing a linen a-line dress this week, to be followed by a pair of mid-weight cotton culottes, and then we will see what comes next. I’ve been in a real sewing slump for a few months, and it feels good to have my interest piqued again, even if it is hard to find the time to get it done!

Of course I’m writing lots, pleased to have a daily practice back again, and Comfort for the Apocalypse up and running again with some regularity. I would like to find the time to delve into some of my essay subjects with more thoroughness but I have a lot of interests (and work takes up a third of my day) so I feel held back by that. Musically, I am practicing quite a lot these days and working on some stuff for Brian’s new album. I have a composition in the works, but as I put time into it I’m starting to hate it. Instead of becoming shinier, it feels dull – but I suppose that is part of the process. Mostly I’m learning about writing music and how to use notation software and I’m in the time-consuming phase of trying to figure it all out. I hope that once I find a process that works for me, it won’t be quite as painful.

I’m feeling really ready for a shift in the seasons, not to mention the vaccine roll-out to take hold. As much as I’ve been grooving on the home gym these last few months, I could use a bit more fitness sociality in the form of in-person classes and lifting weights with others at least sometimes. I am also looking forward to slightly-warmer weather for running. This past week I didn’t get my runners on once, and a lot of that had to do with feeling chilled all the time. At least that’s been my excuse. Will try to hit the road again this weekend and get at least a few kilometers of run-time in. Am also looking for any early opportunities to get the kayak in the water – even just for a paddle in the neighbourhood. Restless might best describe my state of mind right now!

But another weekend does lie ahead and with it the promise of some lying in and reading time, not to mention a walk with one friend and a run with another – I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone off screen this week, come to think of it. (And speaking of quarantine… I just noted that a year ago today was the last time I set foot in Vancouver – how I miss my city and its food!)

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