Post #3222: Made it through

This week was *much* better than last; I made it to the finish line on some work stuff and my union AGM which was yesterday. Now I’m on holidays for the next week!

But to recap in a bit more detail – last week started with my birthday on Monday and a lot of pain in my left shoulder. I had chosen to work on the day, and so was feeling pretty sorry for myself – in pain, working, feeling every bit my 48 years as I plodded through the staffing paperwork, project work and so on. Pretty much all week I struggled a bit with the shoulder and feelings of overwork, and so I ended up taking a bit step back from exercise (down to two weight workouts and one run), spent more time in the sauna, and booked myself a massage. I was exhausted all week, but doing the right things to take care of that. Getting snowed in Saturday/Sunday only helped because it gave me the excuse to do little except read, sauna, write and hang out at the house.

So I started this week out with a lot more in the tank even though I knew it would be heavy work and unionwise (which it was – every day this week was full on). I still got overwhelmed at certain points, but my weight lifting and running came back online and I’ve so far done 2 runs and 3 strength workouts (1 more of those this afternoon), though I did notice yesterday how much stress was diminishing my heavy lifts.

Besides overwork, my stress these last couple of weeks has been mostly related to preparations for my union AGM which happened yesterday at lunch hour. There is quite a bit to get through at these meetings, budget to pass, finances to account for, elections and so on – and doing it all online makes it extra stressful (not the least of which because the polling function disappeared from the meeting yesterday and I had to ask people to vote by selecting the appropriate emoticon – thumbs up for yes, frowny face for no). I did run for one more term of office as president out of a sense of obligation, but let people know that it would be my last term and I’m going to spend the next two years training up our next president and transitioning out. I also said goodbye to a longtime exec member who retired yesterday which felt weird to do without the traditional presentation of the gift and party. Fingers crossed that by the time I step down, we can go out for drinks to celebrate my liberation!

Now that’s over, I have to get back to my more interesting focal areas – writing, playing music, and so on. I am mid-way through my essay for next Friday’s Comfort for the Apocalypse, and have some new pieces of music that I am learning to play. Because I have so much stuff I want to do right now (plus some household stuff I have to catch up on), a week off doesn’t feel like nearly enough time to get it all done, plus spend time relaxing!

Food lately has been so utilitarian. Neither Brian or I has felt much interest in cooking so I don’t have much to share on that front. Tonight we are doing a seafood pasta though, and I’m making a cardamom orange cake for dessert – it feels very fancy after a week of carrot soup and quinoa salads for dinner. I’m hoping to get some pressure canning done in the week coming up – last weekend I did can a ton of pinto beans which means refried beans for the next two years or so. Next up Brian has asked for maple-baked beans, which make for a great bbq side in the summertime. I’m also thinking of doing another round of soup – maybe chicken or beef vegetable base – it’s so great to have ready-meals on hand during weeks like the ones we just had where work sapped all our energy for cooking.

Brian is working part of next week and then we are taking a couple of days off together to recharge. He’s been pretty swamped lately also. Awhile ago someone asked why I would bother taking time off work when I can’t go anywhere. The person who asked is retired, so I think they forgot that work is depleting! Staycation is the most satisfying to me since my happy/relaxed place is when I have free time to write, read, play music or sew. International travel isn’t something we do, and I don’t feel the need to get away the way I did when I lived in the city.

Feeling a big sigh of relief and gratitude wash through me as I look forward to some “down” time 🙂

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