Post #3150: Getting prioritized

Every week I have a list of things I want to accomplish, and every week I fall short of those things. That might suggest I should limit my items, or realistically assess what’s possible, but given that I don’t miss my goals by much I figure that an aspirational approach is probably best. This week I’ve set up a Trello board with several categories in order to track progress along some goals:

The categories you can’t read are Home/Personal, Work, Union, Creative, Blog/Social, Spiritual, Physical

Each category has three or less tasks that I intend to complete this week. Some of these tasks are instances (meditate x 4, gym x 3), whereas others have a specific outcome (create small textile collage). The important thing is that they are specific and have a measurable end point so they can be checked off.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing I will sustain – but it sure felt good to set up! I have a lot on my plate and I’m aiming to better schedule my time. My problem is that I really want to do *all* the things, and still have time for myself and with Brian. It’s tricky.

On Friday I sent out the second monthly mailing under the banner of my Comfort for the Apocalypse project. I’ve decided to stop calling it a newsletter because people understand that to mean short and snappy. My “monthly mailing” however, leads with a personal essay of variable length, so I think it’s best to frame it differently. I’m figuring out that project as I go, and have so far been grateful to receive some incredible feedback from a few subscribers. If you are interested in checking it out without subscribing just yet – please see the archives page for commitment-free reading.

I’ve got lots more coming over the next little while – more blog posts, projects, and a new personal website that I’m working on. I’d also like to choose a simpler theme for this blog. Part of finding the time is really in organizing each thing into small tasks, and then letting the work take as long as it does. There is no secret to getting things done, except being patient with the time one actually has (and let’s be honest – I’m privileged to only have to work one job which gives me time to pursue projects outside of survival). I’m prioritizing now so that 2019 continues to be a year of delivering on all my interests. Planning is fun! Doing… well, that takes a bit more wrangling.

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