Post #3132: Blogging the Brumby

I finished my first fall wardrobe I had him last Friday. The Brumby skirt! This pattern has three options for length at an option for pockets or no pockets. I went for the midi length skirt, and of course, pockets!

The skirt didn’t turn out quite as long as I had wanted owing to a cutting mistake or two along the way. I have visions of midcalf length skirts and tall boots at the moment, this gets me close.

The pattern was very easy to follow and I made this up in a linen-cotton blend from Blackbird fabrics which I bought earlier this summer and fell in love with. One thing I will say about the pattern is that there is no ease. I chose to make the size 18 which turned out to be almost too small because I expected a little bit of ease in the waistband that didn’t exist. I saved the day by narrowing the back seam, and now I have a perfect, just right fit.

I would recommend this pattern for a beginnerish sewist who isn’t afraid to put in a zipper. I installed an invisible zipper by hand which was different than instructed. I figured it wouldn’t matter much since I don’t tuck things into my waistband and so the zipper isn’t a visible design feature for me.

I’ve now worn this twice, and feel like it’s a good choice for my year round wardrobe. Pretty soon I’ll be wearing it with tights for colder weather but can also imagine this in the summer with a t-shirt. Love the oversized pockets!

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