Post #3131: This week in making

I went into Vancouver yesterday for the funeral of a co-worker who I’ve known for over twenty years. She would have been fifty this month, but has had breast cancer now for several years – and after a long hiatus in which it was believed she was in full remission – it came back with some ferocity and she succumbed last week. Because she was one of those big personalities and touched a lot of lives the funeral was well attended and I saw a lot of work people there, some retired, who I haven’t seen in a long time. That was a nice aspect of an otherwise sad day. The service itself was pretty heavy on the “come to jesus” talk, since she belonged to an evangelical church. That part I could have done without. Towards the end of the sermon the preacher literally said that only those who had accepted Jesus would one day see A. again – and the rest of us should think about whether we were ready to open ourselves to the Lord right at that moment. It seemed like a kind of bereavement blackmail to me – but I suppose that’s how recruiting churches work.

I’ve been trying to get back to the studio after a month of hosting and travelling and generally not being interested in being inside – but it’s so far been a bit of a struggle and part of that is clearing project backlog from earlier in the summer. In the last couple of weeks I have finished up a few things.

First – there are many bags:


Inside of the gift bag – I feel like inline zip pockets are a major leveling up in bag making:


I also finished some major piecing work on the quilt I started in June with all thirty-six log cabin squares done and put together. I plan to piece the border as well, which will take a bit – but  this represents a major part of the construction:

I plan to have this one professionally quilted so I expect this won’t be finished until after Christmas because long-arm quilters are usually fully booked from Sept to December.

And finally, I learned to properly miter a corner this week and finished a set of eleven everyday linen napkins for our table:

Now that all of those projects are out of the way I’m ready to return to garment sewing. I have some very 1970s dreams at the moment – of mid-calf skirts and wide flood-length pants with tall boots. That stuff feels a bit too fashion-y for Gabriola – but it’s what I am planning on anyway. I’ve also promised Brian a new work bag since he wore the last one I made him right out (it had holes in it and I made him throw it away). I’m planning on something a bit advanced with lots of zippers and D-rings for that so stay tuned!

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