Post #3084: Make 100 Things

In 2017 I set out to make 100 separate objects and here is the proof. Though not quite a hundred, I did get to 89 (depending on how one counts) represented in 63 photographs. Some photos contain 3 or more objects (like tea towels or dish cloths), some objects are counted in pairs (like a set of reed holders). No food items such as bread or canning were counted. Almost every item except for the personal clothing and a few experimental weaves were given away to friends and family.

This was a fantastic exercise in documenting every single make, and examining what production-making items (sewn bags, knit shawls) might look like (I’m not interested in selling, but curious about the process). I plan to document again in 2018, though I am not setting a target for number of items. My goals this year are different – and in particular I want to focus more on each item and creative process. Besides the 89 completed items, I do also have about eight close to completion projects that will be showing up on the blog soon!

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