Post #3009: Making and dreaming about making

Now that the flurry of activity around house selling and buying has subsided, I’m finding myself obsessed with weaving again – though because I don’t have access to a working loom at the moment (I had to return my rented table loom and the floor loom needs some work that I’m not able to do until we move) – I am confined to reading articles on the Internet, and thinking about building a pin loom to play with in the meantime.

Over a weekend meditation retreat, I had some strong thoughts about using my meditation skills in a more applied way when approaching weaving, community building, and generosity practice – which are tied into the move and having access to a larger studio space in which to work and host people. Without saying too much at the moment, this is part of my shifting orientation, also known as “the perfect life I am going to lead in the new house” which is so much the delusion of moving (that somehow it makes us a better person automatically). But delusion or no, it’s also where inspirations come from – so I am allowing full play to my creative living ideas at the moment.

I have two knitting projects on the go, and I’ve started on my first attempt to sew the perfect summer dress that I can wear while cycling and also in the office (this will be constituted of a knit/stretch fabric with a flared skirt, no waistline, and no or short sleeves – something that I can dress up with a cardigan and a pair of tights or wear sleeveless and with cycling shorts). I’m on dress version number one (made with grey bamboo fabric) which so far is working out pretty well except for some gaping at the neckline. I’m going to finish this one as best I can, alter the pattern and then move onto a more colourful fabric that I picked up last week. If that one works out, then I’ve got the model for my perfect wardrobe (layered with simple, easy-to-wear dresses as the foundation). Photos of those projects soon.

Moving and thinking about setting up house is definitely sparking my aesthetic creativity right now. I had forgotten how much a change of scenery (or a proposed one at this point) can do that. Right now I just want to get all the *hard* stuff (like moving) out of the way so I can bust out the loom and warping board – on the other hand, the delayed gratification is helping me finish some other projects (like the dresses, and a quilt for my niece) which I would like to get done before summer. It’s delicious, this desire to create. I had forgotten about it a bit in March, what with sickness and houses on the brain – I feel like it’s back in full flower again.


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