Post #3008: Early morning flights

The last couple of mornings have involved flights – yesterday I cycled to work in the dark, parked my bike, and walked over to the float plane dock to catch the 7:10 to Comox. This morning I woke up in Courtenay, cabbed back to Comox Harbour and flew back to go to work. It’s a crazy thing to do, but during weeks of back to back meetings and other commitments, sometimes it’s the only way (1 hour of flying versus 4-5 hours of car and ferry travel each way). I’m fortunate that someone is willing to pay me to do that (my union) so I can enjoy the efficiency without paying the full cost (though, if you break it down, flying is not much more expensive than the ferry/car option).

I’m close to finishing work for the day, and then I will get back on my bicycle to meet an old friend for dinner at my favourite restaurant in town – not one with a patio – but the guacamole is to die for.

I’m feeling ridiculously privileged right about now (and the little trauma victim in me is wondering what bad thing is going to happen to make me pay for this but fortunately I’m old enough now that I can mostly ignore that voice) – it’s really the best time of year on the coast with the flowers, the onset of nice weather, the sheer picturesque beauty of it all. I made the mistake of mentioning it on a phone call with my Ottawa co-workers this afternoon, only to be met with groans since they are expecting more snow.

Some days the high cost of living in this city seems to make more sense than others.

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