Post #2068: Counting down the days

(Photo by Jonathan Moogk – My band Lone Crow Jubilee playing last Saturday night)

I haven’t much to say today except that we are three days away from the Candian federal election on Monday and I have read every single constitutional scenario for a minority government outcome on the Internet. We have had minority governments before, not that long ago, but this is a bit different because of the intense unpopularity of the current Conservative government. I’m curious to see how it all goes down, and am hoping ferociously that we will be all done with Tories after next week.

Either way, I’ll be crying on election night. I pretty much always do.



One Comment on “Post #2068: Counting down the days

  1. I messed up on my request for a mail-in ballot, so can’t vote. I think Jenny’s a shoe-in in Van East, so not too worried about that … yet i still feel sad and a little physically sick about not voting, for the first time in forever. No matter what the situation it always feels good to vote.

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