Post #2053: So many books….

Okay – well, not *so* many. But three, and they arrived all at once after months of being on the holds list at the library. And the worst part is – these are all books that I really want to read (unlike the many that I reserve at the library because maybe….). In the order that I reserved them are Romantic Outlaws which is a mother-daughter biography about Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley, Where the Heart Beats, another biography, this one about John Cage and Zen Buddhism, and A Little Life, a novel that I ordered because it was on the Booker longlist (and is now also on this week’s released shortlist). I expect that for the next little while there will be more bus reading than bus knitting to and from work.

I dove into A Little Life last night, feeling that I could most easily knock the fiction off first, and am now 99 pages into it – It’s 720 pages long, so at this rate I could finish it in a week. We’ll see how I do, but it will mean putting other things to the side. Fortunately I am a quick reader, and this book’s characters have pulled me right in – so I’m compelled to some fervent reading.

I have to admit that books haven’t exactly been at the forefront of my life lately, I mean, besides all the reading I did for grad school which was quite a lot – and I suppose that’s part of it. It’s been all required reading for four years, and in between I have focused more on making (sewing, crochet, canning etc) than scoping out the latest literary must-reads.


But now, as fall creeps around and I prefer to spend more time in bed on Saturday mornings, is the time for a good read. Three books in three weeks is a bit of a challenge, but it’s all about priorities, right?

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