Post #2049: Work in progress

My in-progress shots from this week. The featured image above is my first ever knit sweater project – pattern is Paulie by Isabell Kramer. All I can really say is so far, so good. It appears that it will fit me, and my stockinette stitch is getting less bumpy the further on I go. It will definitely look like a learning piece at the end – but that’s what it is! I’ve already got two more Isabell Kramer designs picked out for my next sweater projects – I love her aesthetic.

And here is the cape effort from last night: All lining cut out, interfacing attached, lining and cape exterior assembled. When I get back from the cabin I will sew the lining and cape together and then work on the finishing. By the end of the weekend, or Monday at the latest, I should have a finished garment:


Happy Friday everyone!

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