Post #1984: A Reckoning.

It’s come time for some reckoning I think – since I have been only sporadically posting on this blog for the past year or two – and in the last year I think I’ve been averaging about two posts per month. In the land of daily diarizing, this isn’t even worth a mention – though I recognize that I have some regular readers who do prop or like my posts whenever I do get around to dropping by, and that is always noticed!

When I started blogging twelve years ago, I wanted a place where I could write every day, where I could connect with other folks, and where I could keep a record of my life as it went by – and that is how I used it for the first several years – to practice my writing, to keep track of things and share them with others….. but lately? It just seems that I come here to post nifty things I am making or random photographs, but I don’t get much into the rest of life at all.

And so I’ve been thinking – what do I want from this space? If all I want is a place to show off my stuff, there are now (unlike twelve years ago) a hundred different craft social media sites I could do that on. If all I want is a place for random photos and quips – Facebook is just fine for that purpose. But still, I am loathe to give up on the blog – because it represents something I still want to do… which is to write, and to share more in-depth about the contours of my life, especially as I enter middle age.

I started here at thirty, and as my posts attest, it has been a twisty-turning decade and a bit – I am definitely a happier and more grounded person than when I started out here,  and yet I still constantly seek validation and support. Some of my struggles are the same (weight, fitness), while some of them have changed significantly (housing, partnership). I do still love to cook and make things, take photos of those things, and share what I’ve learned. And now, at the end of four years of graduate school I’m going to start reading on my own again – which I am sure will bring me back to the book reviews I used to post here fairly often. So it seems there is much to keep talking about, if only I give myself the time to do it. That means less random Internet surfing and more thinking about what I am going to write next.

So this is my intention – to post here daily for the next month and see whether the blogging takes again or not. I expect it will, since mostly these things are just habit, but I may get to the end of April and decide it’s just too much work after all. I know that I appreciate the blogs that I read, and I like to be a part of that sharing circle, so I’m going get myself inspired by all of you while reinvigorating my own writing practice.

Spring Equinox seems like and appropriate time for renewal, does it not?

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