Post #1972: In which I work on my creative learning process.


I spent my weekend in a creative process workshop which was the last event of the 2014 Maiwa Textile Symposium this year.  The class, taught by the fabulous Natalie Grambow, was an exploration of various techniques for stimulating creativity, and a small dip into some specifics such as colour-theory, design elements, surface design (stamp, block and mono printing), photo transfer, and collage. Although the class finished on Sunday (with the creation of the book cover pictured last in this series of photos), I took some of my monoprinted fabric that was leftover from the class last night to do a final piece in my block shape which I felt was the culminating piece in some ways (it was what I would have done for the cover had I had more time).

As someone who has never indulged in much *art* process outside of basic textile/basic quilt work – I found a freedom in working with all new materials that was a lot of fun – pastels, paints, printing blocks, lino cuts – because I had no expectation of having to be a certain way about the work. As you can see from the photos below, I carried a colour and a shape theme throughout the three days (which arose from exercises that Natalie had us do) which was helpful in that I didn’t have to think up a new *thing* each time – I could simply take the form/colour and work with it in a different medium.

I really have an affinity for mixed media textile work – and all the pieces I have envisioned thus far are of that variety. Taking the weekend class was a great introduction to some of the ways in which I might work – as well as materials to incorporate – but it was also a reminder to slow down on the pieces I *want* to make for the time being, and just enjoy learning about how different things work together (or not).

This was my first Maiwa Textile Symposium workshop but I am certain it will not be my last. As I finish my degree this spring, I look forward to signing up for more symposium classes next fall.

(Click on any of the below photos for a larger view)


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