Post #1971: Many handmade things

Over the last few months I have made many things but haven’t been showing them off here. These include:

Boxy zip bag #2
A cosmetic zip-bag for my step-daughter’s birthday present (coming up)
Sashiko handstitched placemats for our table.
Boxy zip pouch #1.
A “test” boxy zip pouch which worked out well enough for me to use.
Carry-all made for a friend's birthday.
A carry-all made for a friend’s birthday.
Patchwork potholders.
Lace table runner - crochet - worked all summer long.
A crochet lace table runner which I worked on from May until July.

I have come to realize that despite the lack of perfection in everything I make – it all gets a lot of use and over time I grow to love the small oddities of the items that grace our lives in this house.

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