Still life

imageIt’s been a month since I’ve posted here – an accidental break from blogging during these front-loaded summer weeks. We’ve been away a lot on weekends, and my weeks are taken up with fish, upwelling oceans, and the potential of a thousand projects. I’m taking over the unit manager function in my workplace  for four months starting next week, and the preparation for that alone has eaten up a big chunk of my time.

I’ve been making things though, and seeing lots of friends. I’ve been losing weight and meditating most days, reading some great philosophy and getting impatient about our cabin build (I want it already started!) And right now I am prepping to go on holidays starting next weekend – planning camping meals and looking forward to spending nine days out of doors with friends.

Love is on my mind these days (philosophical and romantic), as are the pleasures of friendship, good food and time spent alone.

As I wrote to a friend yesterday, “I am now officially the kind of person who organizes philosophy discussion groups and meditation circles. And they are for real things I want to do.”

And then I added: “Things have seriously shifted.”
To which, on reflection, I would also add, “They are settling out to be a lot more stable these days”.

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