Summer Sewing: Tank Top

imageThis is the first of the summer sewing projects completed yesterday – a tank top made out of a flowy synthetic fabric (does not wrinkle!) This is a very straightforward pattern (2 pieces, two bust darts, bias finish on the neck and armholes) – and I decided to go the extra step and complete it with french seams.

When I first started sewing, I often chose patterns that promised “complete in an hour” and then cursed myself for taking longer than that. Now that I’ve been sewing garments for a few years I can’t imagine finishing something properly in an hour, even something as simple as this tank top.

It’s not that I’m even that fussy when it comes to finishes, but a garment really does wear better when the seams are neatly done (hidden is preferable) and the bias strips are sewn with care. I spend a lot more time pinning than I used to, and have eased up on my lead-food sewing pedal speed. I have also learned to take breaks at natural places in the garment construction so that I don’t end up “rushing to finish” when I’m tired or frustrated.

I think I’ve got enough of this fabric to additionally make a simple skirt – the pattern I plan to use for that is the simplest pattern I know (my very first skirt!) – a very basic construction with elastic waist and no pockets. Like the tank top I will finish it with french seams which will elevate its construction just that little bit.

I’ve got two skirts and a tunic planned for this month and I also just received this gorgeous piece of cotton lawn in the mail that I want to turn immediately into a sleeveless dress – summer sewing season is upon us!

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